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A market place for Fishes
Buy and sell fishes on the move!
A friendly Mobile apps for Fishing industry

Quick and easy setups


Register, Capture fish, start the bidding process, accept – reject – requote bids, dashboard

Back Office

Back office application to verify documents and approve buyers and sellers.


Register, search bids, bid for fishes, analyse market rates, requote, pay, collect and rate seller


Analyse Catchments, analyse bids, Market rate analysis, find range for your bids

Product features

Wide range of functions and get benefited with continuous improvements and new features for zero additional costs!




  • Registration of Seller
  • Approval by back-office
  • Capture fish – Catchments
  • Start bidding process
  • Receive bids
  • Accept, reject, requote
  • Dashboard analysis


  • Registration of Buyer
  • Approval by back-office
  • Search bids – various options
  • Send quote
  • Receive acknowledgement
  • Requote or accept bids
  • Dashboard Analysis

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