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Blockchain Consultancy

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°  Planning and Consulting Blockchain Solutions
°  Infrastructure Integration
°  Developing use cases that can use blockchain
°  Conceptualise the solution
°  Solution Architecture & Design
°  Experts in Hyperledger,Ethereum, EOS
°  We have our own framework for Blockchain Applications
°  Identification of core components for Blockchain platform
°  Advisory on choosing the right platform for the specified use case and industry
°  Developing proof-of-concepts for using Blockchain Technology
°  Design, develop and deploy applications using Blockchain Technology
°  Blockchain – Training & project case study
°  Monitoring and Support


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15 Blockchain Experts
10 Blockchain Projects
6 Vertical Solutions

We are experts in providing Blockchain Solutions for various Industries like Education, Oil and Gas, Supply chain, E-Invoicing.  See below the details of our solutions and contact us for the demo.

We build customized solutions for our Customers with our Blockchain framework developed in Hyperledger, Ethereum and EOS. We help our customer’s business reach to market in short span of time using our framework built in React Js, Node js, Hyperledger/Ethereum. We will happy to demo our framework on request !

Students' Certificate Verification Portal

Our Blockchain apps authenticates the Student profiles,Certifications and integrates with Universities & Employers


  • Fake Certifications
  • Tedious Background Checks
  • Costs to employers & embassies
  • Risk of fraudulent activities
  • No possibility to trace certificates
  • Integrate with foreign countries


  • Authentication of Certificates
  • Trace certificates to the Origin
  • Elimination of Fraudulent risks
  • Eliminate costs for verification
  • Integrate foreign bodies
  • References & Recommendations


  • Integrating small players to SCM
  • Digital Signature costs
  • In-transparent and trapped data
  • Audit Compliance problems
  • History of versions & changes
  • Integration with ERPs


  • Partners added to the Chain
  • Increased Process Integrity
  • Ease of integration with ERPs
  • Online Audit compliance
  • Eliminate digital signing costs
  • Global access to the portal

E-Invoicing Solutions for Supply chain

Read our case study to see how our Blockchain solution eliminated the need for digital signatures

Patient Medical Records

Blockchain Solutions for Patient Medical records and how Patient will own their data in future


  • Patient does not own records
  • Patient data traded in market
  • Redundant medical checks
  • Communication with innovators
  • Patient history not accessible
  • Integration with global bodies


  • Patient owns his/her records
  • Reduced costs for Patients
  • Elimination of repeated checks
  • Integration with existing Providers
  • Digitally signed medical records
  • Global access to the portal


  • Communication complexities
  • Audit compliance documents
  • In-transparent and trapped data
  • Risk of fraudulent activities
  • Trace and track of transactions
  • Cross border transactions


  • Regulatory (ex EMIR, MiFID II)
  • Increase Process Integrity
  • Elimination of Fraudulent risks
  • Trace and Track functions
  • Smart Contracts
  • Extend new peers in the chain

Oil & Natural Gas Solutions

Read our case study to see how our Blockchain framework overcomes the day to day challenges in O&G Sector


°  Research of solution fitment
°  Competitive Analysis
°  Blockchain Consulting
°  Opportunity Assessment
°  Operating Model
°  Transformation roadmap
°  Integration touch points analysis
°  Budget based MVP proposal


°  Hyperledger, Ethereum & EOS
°  React js, Node js, other open sources
°  REST APIs and Custom Services
°  In-house build Blockchain framework
°  Focus on Hyperledger Fabri, Burrow
°  Caliper, Iroha, Composer, Explorer
°  Data integration with ERP, other apps
°  Apply AI on the relevant areas


°  Infrastructure Design
°  Solutions Workshop
°  Customised Development
°  Library of Building blocks
°  Integration with Existing Apps
°  Smart Contract Templates
°  Quality Assurance Process
°  Logs, Dashboards & Mobile Apps

Our Approach


Don’t get carried away with Trends ! First Evaluate! Research Solutions fitment to your idea. Get free consultancy for your Industry to develop a Strategic Approach. Do a Feasibility Study & Cost Estimation


Work together for Solutions & Document. Together define MVP for your needs. We Develop your Blockchain solution and integrate it with existing Applications. We Test, Certify and ensure to go-to-market on time


Get trained on the Blockchain Concepts and Configurations. We educate & equip your IT Team on Blockchain configurations. Devise a cost effective Maintenance Plan and equip yourself to scale up your Application.

Our Successful Projects

Get a free 40 hours Proof of Concept !



Send us your requirement with a short introduction to your current challenges, project status and technology stack. Contact us !


Identify a Challenge in your application landscape that can be developed stand-alone. Avail a FREE 50 hours proof of concept


Work with the our team for the POC. Experience our Working model, professionalism and Quality. Evaluate our deliverable and decide.


After POC evaluation, work together to decide the roadmap, planning based on the budgets, scope and targets of your Business plan.

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