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Blockchain Solutions to eliminate Digital Signatures in Supply Chain

About the Client

Client is one of the growing Pharma and Research company based out in Switzerland and operating in multiple countries. Client was looking for a digital signatures in the invoices to cater to the needs of the Audits and due to the heavy Supply chain transactions between the Vendors and the Company. ITERON pitched in its Blockchain framework and show cased how Blockchain e-invoices can eliminate the digital signatures and seamlessly integrate date with all the providers in the Supply chain. Currently the application is being extended to Order to Cash process.

The solution is based on Hyperledger, reactjs and nodejs. Scroll down to read more...

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Problems & Challenges

Problem & Challenges

There are standard EAI applications in the market that offer integration but they are more generic interfacing solutions instead of Business Process solutions to address a specific need. Secondly the cost of these applications is quite high including licenses and upgrades for which the Enterprises have to invest every year. Based on the market study, many Enterprises have 60 to 70% only Order to Cash process interfaces and the rest are more specific interfaces for an industry or for a process.

Following are the challenges in the current scenario in the Order to Cash process between two Business Partners communicating without any middleware.

° The main challenge for an Enterprise company involving a middleware is to integrate Vendors that are small players. 80% of the Vendors are often small providers who constitute to the volume. These Vendors have their own home group Applications or open source ERPs or even manual tasks. When Enterprises are communicating with small vendors, they lose track of the orders to cash process due to the fact that
- They are sent in different formats and different standards
- Order tracking should more over phone or mail communications
- No transparency in the transactions end-to-end
- Errors handling like price, date differences is an absolute challenge
° In the above cases, of course you can use a strong middle ware with monitoring but till only solves the problem of
- Order to cash interfaces
- Does not worry about the small Vendors. They have to just follow the file format standards like XML or EDIFACT
- Interfaces will directly create the transactions and no intermediate control is possible. For example, if the Order response is sent by a Vendor, the interfaces will directly place this in SAP or other ERP. Only after that the price or date controls are done by the buyer but not before
° Often this kind of communications today needs AS2, FTP, SFTP or HTTPS including certificates for authentication. This is costly affair and small players cannot afford to pay the Service providers for each transaction. Setting up costs and running costs are high for the Vendors who do few millions as revenue but have potential products and growth path.

Our Solutions

° Provides a platform for communication between Business Partners especially the scenario of small players dealing with Enterprise giants
° Small Vendors can just upload the Orders as pdf or csv or xml into the portal.
° If pdf are loaded, the AI Engine will read the data and interpret automatically and create transactions
° If csv or xml, mapping will be done as one time to create the transactions
° Intermediate control of data by both the partners. Also option to automatically interface without manual intervention.
° Decisions like price, schedule dates and quantity comparisons are taken over the platform by the partners before integrating into their respective systems
° As the data from both the partners are staged in the portal, the portal will offer a reconciliation report for orders, deliveries and invoices. Buyers and Sellers can control this report on a daily basis and interface over platform to solve the differences.
° Transformation of data as IDOCs or XML or CSV or Position files or Simple pdfs (small vendors)
° All the data communicated between the Partners are through Blockchain servers and the data is absolutely secured.
° Peers can be easily added into the application. For example, when an auditor comes in, he can view the logs, transactions and the versions.

Application Flow

Samples Screen Shots

Technology Stack

Project Schedules

Requirements (15 days)
Design & Development (60 days)
Testing (15 days)
UAT (15 days)

Value Proposition

° Establish smart contract between the participants.
° Get consensus between the peers automatically based on smart contracts.
° Integration with SAP and other external ERP providers
° Transmit PDF without the need of digital signatures.
° Transmit encrypted data within the peer to peer network.
° Log any action between various participants as per need to know basis for full transparency.
° Track changes and trace back .

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